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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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From a customer support standpoint, I think there are some benefits to be gained for both PM and the customer to implement some sort customer support ticket system instead of this unorganized madness. It can be simple and doesn't have to be super advanced or extemely costly to implement.

These poor overworked mods are doing the best they can, but it's very frustating for a customer to feel like they are ignored. With limited resources, it is even more imperative to have an effective/efficient error tracking/resolution system.


From what I've read over the past couple weeks on the forums, some people are getting lucky and having mods respond in a day, sometimes even a couple hours, and having their issue resolved immediately. Great for them, but sucks for everyone else that couldn't get a response for weeks and have no cell service.


In it's simplest form:
1. Every issue is logged and assigned a ticket number chronologically. That way the Mods can see which issues should be dealt with first.
- I don't think mods should be handling cases that come in while it's convenient for the mod to handle it, but rather in a First in First Out basis for fairness and transparency.


Some refinements would be:
1. Our self-serve portal is able to view our ticket and ticket status. Therefore knowing our issue has been reviewed and acknowledged/prioritized in terms of severity. Many people don't even know if their issue has been received (Direct Messages in "unread" state).
2. Someone (i.e. automated or mod) is reviewing the tickets as they come in and are assigned a priority (i.e. 1 for critical cell services, 2 for payment, 3 for misc. questions). Mods would then go through the highest priorty on a FIFO basis before moving onto groups 2 and 3 etc.


Either way, I think the current method of handling errors is unsustainable with only a few mods and some behind the scenes support staff. I guarantee 100% that some direct messages go unread and are lost in a swamp of support requests. Those that are lucky enough to catch a mod when the mod happens to have some free time or are in between tasks get lucky. This further increases the amount of messages and backlog - since people see these results and just increase the volume of their requests until they get "lucky".


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

A very good idea!

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité
It definitely needs improvement. To be fair, before this promo things were pretty great around here 🙂
Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Totally agree. Currently, customers with issues have no way of knowing if and when their post or private message will be read, much less acted upon. The only thing they can do is repost, tag the mods, and send the mods more private messages. This totally will swamp the mods with multiple messages on the same issue. With Christmas coming, and possible future promos, something's gotta give.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Agree with one exception. Rigid adherence to FIFO will either not work or cause more problems than it solves.


Just like in a hospital, incoming requests need to go through a triage process. "No service" issues jump to the top of the queue, followed by others that are less critical. Also, some problems are easier to solve than others; you don't want a dozen easy-to-solve tickets (ie, "where is my SIM card in transit?") held up by that one issue that's really hard to fix.


But that's the nice thing about having a ticket system -- you can give this level of thought to the problem queue. Over time support staff can examine aggregate data, examine patterns, and discover problems that might benefit from preventative measures or policy changes.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@el56 Completely agree, I mentioned many of your points under "refinement point #2." because at this point I would settle for any sort of ticketing system.


The algothrithm to separate critical tasks could be difficult for them to develop at this stage of the game but it would definitely be a welcome addition!

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@PoweredByPho I like this idea a lot!


So much, in fact, that I suggested it a week ago 🙂



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