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Boosters (Add Ons)

Boosters (Add Ons)

Instead of people worrying about how many minutes left in their booster, or how many days left on roaming etc why not create a permanent booster?


eg pay $10 per month for Canadian long distance add on, or $15 per month for US long distance add on (just using industry avg prices but Public could make whatever)


They could also have add ons for data this way too



Mayor / Maire

Boosters Name is Koodo 

PM should call it something unique 

Data Add-Ons, Why not call it Gold

Long-Distance, perhaps Haula, similar to Scott Steiner entrance theme

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

that would be a step backward for some boosters, not forward.  For example, the CDN long distance is perfect for people who are paying what they actually use, and not what they may use.   The 10days US roaming is already too long the way it is already.

Mayor / Maire

@Acekiller I can see the argument both ways

Some people really want unlimited regardless of price

Others buy 400 mins and it lasts them over a year



Mayor / Maire

14 months, still on first LD package.  Have only used 2 minutes.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Maybe a $5 add-on per month. 🙂

Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

That $5 /30 days "add-on" already exists since that's the price differenc between choosing unlimtied province-wide talk and unlimited canada-wide talk in your actual plan.  However, this add-on idea would be helpful for anyone on a province-wide promo plan that is unable to change their talk choice without losing the promo pricing.  I just don't think i'ts likely to be given out.  Why?  Well, if PM wanted to offer up canada-wide promo plan at $5 more per 30 days ($15/90), they would have already offered that option in the promo pricing.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Well said @srlawren.


If PM wants to increase their average revenue per user, then the $5 add-on for Canada wide minutes makes sense, especially for the promo plan.


Add $5 for Canada wide minutes and another $5 for an extra gig of data and voila...... you have the Koodo $50/5 gig plan.  🙂

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