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Better Use History

Better Use History

I think Public should introduce some sort of search filters on use history.

The way it looks now, I need to scroll through pages of txt messages to find a call

Seeing I exchenged 100 txts in a day is not so useful


Give us a way to see phone use only or sms use only



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I'd bravo this thrice if I could

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I already suggested this as an idea.

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@ute1978 ah ok so we are even (you stole one of mine before too!) Cat Surprised

haha joke


But seriously never saw this before, I just was annoyed after clicking through pages of txt to find a call


@srlawren hey your an Oracle, you should have extra special bravos Cat LOL

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@kav2001c I'll be sure to bring that up at the new OracleCon[ference], LOL.  🙂


In all seriousness though I do know that this has been brought up before.  I myself complained about the usage history when I first activated last fall, though I don't think I ever started a Public Lab thread on it.  This is one of those things that I think will keep getting asked for, though I suspect it will be some time before we see anything implemented for it.

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Hey @kav2001c,


This is a great suggestion. We are unfortunately not capable of making this change right now, but we would like to improve the usage history search functionality as part of our longer term plan. 


Keep your suggestions coming!


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