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A minor change suggestion on the plans page

A minor change suggestion on the plans page



I noticed on the plans page that PM offers a $40 a month plan which includes 2 gigabytes of data. However, this is shown as "Looking for $40/month talk, text and 2G of data?" My immediate concern when reading this was that an inexperienced or unaware consumer might see this as not 2GB/gigabytes, but rather data at 2G speeds, which is not true since no carrier except Rogers Wireless operates a 2G network anymore. This should be changed to "Looking for $40/month talk, text and 2GB of data" for both a better appeal and less chance of losing customers who may not see that PM does indeed operate on a reliable 4G LTE network. 




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Nice catch. I agree with you. Just need to change that to 2GB. I think they meant 2 gig of data but sure it sounds different. 

Mayor / Maire

They could also expand it to say 2GB of LTE data 

Just to stress speed at same time Cat Happy

Public Mobile
Status changed to: Yes, but not yet

Thanks @chrstyles for catching this! We are fixing this right now Smiley Happy

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