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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Payment card

OK I bought A $60 top up card when I bought it they charged me $67.49 plus 75 cent activation fee .. So I enter the info into my account and it only give me $60 it didn’t add the tax that I already paid . so when they billed me for my phone wount they add tax again ?  That’s being taxed twice .. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: Payment card

@Vidal  with a voucher you already paid the tax so a 50 dollar plan for example is 50 dollars on your voucher you will still have 10 dollars in your account

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Payment card

Oh ok that is how that works . 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: Payment card

As citizens, we are taxed twice. Once on your earnings, annual income tax. Then again when you purchase goods and sevices with your net income.


Public Mobile charges tax only once as required by law.

Re: Payment card

Yes, in your case the $60 voucher + taxes, is $60 plan cost.


Public Mobile doesn't show taxes in their transaction history or on plan listings, but taxes are charged 'at the time of purchase' and will not be re-charged at any point.


Public Mobile is a nationwide service provider and charges the correct taxes based first on the phone number's area code for online credit card/visa debit purchase.  If you happen to be out of province and buy a voucher at a store for a top-up, the local taxes will be charged instead.  Example, Ontario area code (HST 13%), Alberta local voucher top up on Ontario area code (HST 5%).


There are some available online voucher services, and those taxes and/or activation fees are different.  So depending on how you continue topping up, the plan cost is still always the $60.