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Welcome to the Community! We realize that getting all of your answers through an online Community is a bit unconventional—but it’s awesome, and we want to help you make the most of it. In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • How to get the most out of our Community (such as using Bravos, accepting solutions, when and where to post).
  • How to use private messages.
  • How to make changes to your profile and settings.
  • Our Oracle Team.
  • Things you should not do on our Community.
  • Our relationship agreement.

Getting the Most Out of Our Community


Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you settle into the Community:

  • Try searching your question first: you may find that someone has already encountered a similar situation and that an answer has already been provided. If your question hasn’t been asked before, start a topic. You only need to post once—someone will answer your question.
  • Asking and answering questions: the more specific you are, the more helpful it is for everyone. That said, helpful partial answers are still better than nothing.
  • Post in the most relevant Community board: they’re laid out logically, much like the folders on your computer, and keep similar topics together. Keeping posts in the right Community board makes it easy for everyone to find what they’re looking for. We have a number of different boards:


Board Name

What It’s For

Help Articles

These articles contain Public Mobile approved answers to common questions, and are generally lengthier and more detailed than posts in other boards.

Getting Started

Questions and comments about your phone’s compatibility, buying a SIM card and activating it should be posted here.

Paying for Your Service

All payment-related questions belong here.


Discuss everything about Public Mobile Rewards, including eligibility rules, in this board.


Solve your Self-Serve issues here.

Plans & Add-Ons

If you’ve got a question about your Public Mobile plan or Add-On, this is where to take it.

Phones & Hardware

We might not sell phones, but we still use them, and this is the place to get advice and technical information.


If you joined Public Mobile before January 27, 2015: congrats! You have a Pioneer or Legacy plan, and can get answers about it in this board.


Discuss in-store experiences activating a SIM card, as well as buying Public Mobile vouchers or SIM cards.


If it doesn’t fit in any other board, it’s more than welcome here.


Here you’ll find posts by the Public Mobile Community Team, including important announcements about the Community and Public Mobile.


  • Stay on topic: when it comes to support questions, it’s best to stay focused so that problems can get solved quickly. If you do want to discuss the news, or nearly anything else, there’s the Discussion board for that!
  • Recognize when your question has been answered: when the Community has served up a solution, click ‘Accept as Solution’ on the response. It helps people find answers more quickly and communicates your appreciation to the people who helped you.

What do ‘Bravo’ and ‘Accepted Solution’ buttons look like?



What does an accepted solution look like?


  • Participate and get Rewards: it’s your Community, too, and that’s why we encourage everyone to get involved. In addition to Rewards for eligible customers, we have added a ranking system and badges to your profile. It’s our way to thank you and let others know that you’re a stand-up member of the Community. Learn more about Community Rewards by clicking here.
  • Point out offensive content: we want our Community to be welcoming, respectful, and friendly. Offensive and rude comments are not welcome, and if you see anything that does not meet our Community Terms of Service, let us know by clicking the ‘Report Inappropriate Content’ button.

Where is the ‘Report Inappropriate Content’ button?



How to Use Community Private Messages


If you ever want to reach out to someone in the Community privately, you can send them a private message. Once you’re signed into the Community, just click on the envelope icon next to your Community avatar, then click ‘New Message’, and enter the Community member’s name in the ‘Send to’ field. Figure5.jpg


Accessing your profile and settings


To access your profile, click on your avatar, then ‘My Profile’. You can change your avatar at any time by selecting one from our library, or uploading your own. Under ‘My Profile’, you can also check out your latest stats, posts, badges, Bravos earned or given, and your Community rank.


Your Community rank represents your overall standing in the Community based on your contributions and helpfulness. When you’re just starting to help out, here are some ranks you’ll earn:

  • New in Town.
  • New Neighbour.
  • Good Neighbour.
  • Great Neighbour.


The more helpful and supportive you are, the more ranks you’ll unlock. If you want to find out what other ranks you can achieve, you’ll have to earn them: so dive right in!


Changing your Community username, password and email address


To  make changes to things like your username, password, and email address, click on your avatar and select ‘My Settings’, then ‘Personal’. Here, you can select tabs for things like ‘Username’, ‘Email’, ‘Password’, and more. So that you have the opportunity to earn Community Rewards, and to keep things simple, make sure your Community and Self-Serve email addresses are the same.



Our Oracles (aka Public Mobile Experts)


The Oracles are a small group of Community members who have extensive knowledge about all things Public Mobile, and are passionate about making the Community a better place by helping our users. Feel free to ask Oracles for help, but remember that they’re not Public Mobile employees—they’re members and customers just like you. You can learn all about Oracles and the Oracle Program here.


Things Not To Do in Our Community

  • Include advertising and promotion links that don’t relate to the discussion.
  • Use profanity and obscenity—we can’t wash your mouth out with soap online.
  • Misrepresent information (basically: don’t lie).
  • Spam, cross-posting, or in any way pushing unwanted content. Remember: relevant, quality content makes our Community better and more helpful.
  • Demonstrate troll-like behaviour: let’s keep trolls under bridges and out of our Community.
  • Post anything that violates copyright laws. Please, be respectful of what others have created.
  • Expose your private information: keep it safe and to yourself. Account-related matters should always be brought up to Moderators through private messages.
  • Post comments that are hateful, bigoted, racist, or politically or religiously offensive.

Our Relationship Agreement


  • Public Mobile has the right to ban customers that are disruptive to the Community–or for any other reasons that demand such action.
  • We have an open door policy and our customers have the right to leave the Community without advising Public Mobile. You are under no obligation to earn Rewards or increase your rank. We appreciate participation because it makes our Community better, more fun, and more helpful for everyone.
  • Only those on eligible plans can earn Rewards. For more information, click here.
  • Those who seek to ‘game the system’—such as operating more than one account—shall be banned.
  • Public Mobile has the right to delete and to archive any posts.
  • The Public Mobile Moderator Team helps the Community and may delete posts that do not follow guidelines. This may reduce Rewards a member has earned for participation in the Community.
  • Although we do our best to moderate content on the Community, Public Mobile is not responsible for the answers provided by Community members and customers.
  • Public Mobile reserves the right to withhold information.
  • Public Mobile reserves the right to share information with the authorities.
  • Public Mobile is not responsible for any personal information on the Public Mobile Community page.
  • Public Mobile reserves the right to change and update the guidelines and rules in order to maintain the Community's effectiveness.
  • Our Community board is presently designed to only accommodate English and French posts.


To read our full Terms of Service, click here.

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Thanks for the update @Alan_K. I read with interest the part about changing ones username. I don't think this feature is actually available to users. It's a question that often gets asked.

Great article, does this mean the knowledge base board is being changed to help articles ?  If so it might be worth while having a sticky post that lists all the various articles and then people can then click on the article they want and it opens (Like an index of questions or FAQ ) .  With several pages of articles it's sometimes hard to find the one you want quickly


@mimmo, although the knowledge base articles are not sticked and filed in any particular order, they do reside in a single part of the community forum.  The number of articles is not that large, just a couple of pages.  Looking through this part of the community forum for information is still quite doable.  Once all the knowledge base articles are in place and up to date, the natural next step would be to come up with some sort of road map/index with hot links that would allow a customer looking in that part of the community forum to quickly pick out the article(s) that would provide the needed information.  Of course integration into SIMon is essential.  One step at a time.  I think everyone would agree that the article refresh has been pretty good so far.  Kudos to @Alan_K for a job well done. 

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