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made a mistake

I bought a Public Mobile Sim card from Amazon (link on public mobiles site)

I register and activated the card today.

It does not fit my phone.

So I am now out one month of public mobile phone charge and my Rogers phone is now inactive as I had my phone number transfered.

So, how is this right? I have no cell phone service now now, and have a 30 dollar charge for a sim card I never installed and there is no way to cancel this whole debacle.

There is no way to contact Public. I dont have   phone service.


Re: made a mistake

@kevin5800 Have a close look at your SIM card. Almost all PM SIMs are 3 in 1:


PM tri-sim.jpg

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Re: made a mistake

@kevin5800 Sorry to hear that your SIM card won't fit your phone. I think the SIM should have 3 precut sizes. What kind of phone do you have? 

There is no way to get any refund for you have already paid for a period. I think you can get a cheap unlocked phone in the market in the meantime. 

What I may think of is that your Rogers phone may be locked. You should double check if this is the case. You can get it unlocked by Rogers only. 

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Re: made a mistake


PM SIM card comes with a nano SIM card + nano to micro adaptor + micro to standard adaptor.

If your phone uses a standard(mini) SIM, you need to use the nano SIM + all adaptor

If your phone uses a micro SIM, you need to use the nano SIM + nano to micro adaptor.

If your phone uses a nano SIM, just use the nano SIM without any adaptor.


Which phone are you using?

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Re: made a mistake

@kevin5800  As others have mentioned Public's SIM card  can be adapted to different handsets. Some handsets take a mini SIM (the 'standard' SIM), some take a micro SIM and yet others use a nano SIM. Public's SIM cards are sold with the ability for the user to 'pop out' the correct size SIM for their equipment.