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Re: Minutes charged for ringing and no answer

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Sorry if this question has been asked (I did try searching for it but was unsuccessful). 


On the $10 plan with 50 minutes. I looked at my usage history and was charged for minutes for calling out but there was no answer. I was charged 1 minute per dial out for a total of 4 calls/4 minutes. 


Also I’m guessing that seconds are rounded up to the next minute? I think I had read this in one of the posts. 



I was never been charged for call not completed....Are you sure that's the good numbers shown in your usage history?Smiley Frustrated

And yes every second will count as 1 minute.

If you read public mobile's terms of service they state outgoing calls are charged/timed from the time you dial the number, while it is routed and including ring time. So think before you dial. Hanging up before it is answered can still incur a one minute "charge".

Outgoing Calls are only billed if they are answered by a human or if the Voice Mail kicks in.   If no answer, or the number is busy you are not billed for the call 

That's great if pm only bills when a call is answered which is industry norm I just wanted the user to be aware of the terms of service as in a dispute they would prevail if pm wanted them to.