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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Charged twice

Hello there I have a question
yesterday I tried to order a SIM card online but it tells me all the time ZIP code does not match with billig address so I assumed because the billing address on the credit card does not match with the billing address that I put on. So I wanted to fix it first but saw that they charged me twice for the sim card even tho I got a message that my order did not go through, I didn't even get an email for confirmation, but saw in my bank account that I got charged twice. I even have screenshots as a proof.





Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Charged twice

hi i think clearly that there are few problem with th way you've setted up the way your bank is working with you as far as I know i am able to believe you are doing a doublepayment by theaction of giving a failure in the system to reach u twice by a troll bug which is not under kaspersky network call your bank to cancel your account and buy a new sim card 🐛 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Charged twice

@esi4  I'm sorry to hear that.If you've been charged twice, you will need to contact a member of our Moderator Team!


Re: Charged twice

Hey esi4

We are here to help you but, before we can do that, we need to make sure you’re the account owner. We do this to keep your personal information safe and ensure we’re only making account changes on your behalf.

You’ll be presented with 2 easy options to verify your identity. If you don’t have the required information for one of the two options, please let me know and we’ll find a secure alternative.

Please click on the link below and follow the steps:

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Charged twice

@Oana_S yes I did