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unable to make payment/also need to know how to figure out what my 4 digit pin is cuzz can't remembe

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good morning all

Gezz this place and service is way more confusing glitchy than it used to be. I've been with public mobile since the beginning basically... well correction I was until last year I had to go back home for some family issues, stayed quite long while in there I didn't realize my credit card from here had expired and after that lost my number and account. But this really had nothing to do with present problem I was just digressing comparing service and help then and now. Sorry I"m older and I tend to go off topic. So when I came back to Canada and having lost my number I got a new sim card and a obviously new plan as I couldn't get the old one  in about November last year and everything was fine until yesterday.  Apparently there was some problem with my credit card company and the payment was not processed so suddenly I had no phone service. I tried to come here to pay but couldn't remember the password - old remember? 🙂 - so in the end had to click the forgot password thingy and got a new password after a lot of tries. According to the text message I got I could do I one time payment calling 611 or at the website. So I came to the website logged in and it told me I need to make the payment and to pay now click the button which I did. First thing was that it was telling me I was changing the subscription (?) and then all the details to pay. I got stuck on the change subscription as why would I want to change when I had only clicked to make the payment? So  was a bit confused but I really need to have the phone working so I clicked pay and ...kept telling me couldn't be processed and to try again later which I did with the same answer. Ok I decided to try trough calling 611 and then run into the next problem. I had no voucher as I don't even know if they're sold anywhere, at least aren't on the places where I used to buy them. I clicked to pay with mastercard and there they are asking me to enter the 4 digit pin. I don't even remember having entered any 4 digit pin but - in my defense my family problems back home are still stressing me to the limit and my mind/memory is not as it usually is. I tried the 2 4digit pins that I normally use and nothing apparently they're not right. I read that when we register we use the phone number as pin and then can change it to a 4 digit one so I gave a try as well but no result it was still wrong. I read a post in a similar situation that suggested sending message to the moderator or whatever the support people are called and i clicked the link and sent a message - I thought - but I'm not sure because this morning when I came here it was asking me to register even though I was logged in. Not sure what happened. Sorry about the length of this post but here's my problem: 1. I can't figure out either to see what my 4 digit pin is or how to change it. Without it I can't make the payment trough calling 611.  2. payment trough the website keeps saying to try again later and nothing happens - I did check with the credit card company and it is working again -. 3  I have no idea if there are still paces that sell payment vouchers and can't find any information about where I can find a place that sells them - I live in etobicoke ontario and my searches didn't really help much. 4. And super important I am expecting and needing to make some urgent important calls that should have been done yesterday already and can't seem to be able to resolve this. Can anyone give me information on how to solve this problem and hopefully in time before I lose my chances at the calls for work interviews ?

Just one more tidbit of information my phone is old like me. Storage is not the best and apps seem to take more than I can use or something and I have problem with them so I started deleting most apps an not trying to get any more so I don't have the public mobile app. It's just the website in my computer and the option for  611.

Thank f


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

OK just one more thank you. Was able to pay following instructions and have my phone working again and already got one of the very important phone calls n maybe the job too, so I really appreciate the fast help given to me.

Thank You

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Also Thank you Sansan for the information about the vouchers. I just moved recently and don't know this area as much as I though as it is a bit more sparse than downtown toronto where  was before, the only stores in walking distance of where I live now - I don't drive - don't have it but there is a walmart and shell that I can reach and I'll check there in case it is needed again.
Thank you have a great day

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you so much for the help. Just  followed the link and was able to change the pin. Now I'm going to try and pay the bill following your instructions. I'm still baffled about the saying I"m changing my plan when I click to pay, but the information about my plan is there so maybe it doesn't mean I"m changing into another plan.

Again thank you and have the most wonderful day


Mayor / Maire

@aPs61  sorry about your troubles. Once you get the pin sorted out you should be good to go.

However you can purchase vouchers pretty much at all gas stations, Shoppers drug mart or Walmart.

I bought from shell once.


@aPs61 , I hear you about sometimes navigating the payments can be irritating at times.  From what I can tell, it seems like the new activation system has forgotten about the 4 digit PIN.  It is not something that is set during activation and it is not shown in the self serve account for these new activations.  That said, you can use this link to create a new PIN code.

As for adding a new credit card and making payments using the card, I would suggest that you login to the online account using incognito mode and enable location for the Public Mobile site.  This will allow you to edit the credit card and make a payment.  


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