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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

how do i get free plan


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


Loyalty reward - each year you stay you get an extra $1 off every 30 days (up to a limit)

AutoPay reward - set up automatic payments and get $2 off every 30 days

Referral Reward - refer a friend and get $1 off each month for as long as your friend is a PM customer (when activating your friend needs to input your number during activation)

Community Reward - continue to post positive and useful information on the forum and can get up to $15 every 30 days

Don't know any other company that offers such simple ways to get your bill down.

@JoeFrankRoy wrote:

how do i get free plan

Your plan costs can be reduced by being a long time customer, by subscribing to preauthorized payments, participating in this messaging community, or by referring new customers to the service.  Some good information about this is presented here:


If you want rewards so credits on a could help on the community and have some can choose autopay and 2$ credit per can refer someone who choose to activate his/her sim card online at home and receive both the credit of 25$...And each referral will give you 1$ credit per you can have a free plan..Smiley Happy

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