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in need of service

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I'm hoping that I can reach out to someone from the corporate end of things. 


I'm currently with Virgin Mobile. My plan expires the 30th of this month. Regardless and no matter of what, I am leaving Virgin Mobile. 


I would the chance to be able to become a member, but your beta is being an issue to me. I will not have any issues with glitches and technical issues and will accept them as being part of beta issues. 


I rather not spend the money going with a new provider and paying then to port my number and dealing with their substantial services as opposed your great service. 


I hope to hear from you soon. 




Your potentially new customer!!



Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
I see those same 2 scenarios playing out, Martin. Wish they were not in beta right now.

I guess I'm just going to go with Fido. I refuse to be apart of Virgin Mobile or a parent company like bell. Its terrible.

Hopefully, I have the opportunity to change over to PM in the near future.

Hello again,

I doubt that PM's office is open to the public.

That said, I see two possible scenarios.

1: You arrive at the entrance, and you find that entry is by combination numbers, the equivalent of a physical key. You knock on the door, but nobody responds. On the other hand, you knock and somebody responds, only to tell you that the area is secure, which means no entry by non-employees.

2: You arrive at the door, and there's that combination lock. You knock, and someone responds by again telling you that it's a secure-entry location. Before the door is closed, you hurriedly explain that you made a special trip to the office in order to become a PM customer. You show enthusiasm and sincerity when stating the preceding. The PM employee, not accustomed to a personal visit by a potential customer, asks you to wait until he/she can find a supervisor. The supervisor listens to you, initially sceptical, but is positively influenced by your enthusiasm and sincerity. He/She then tells you that Beta invitations are not his/her bailiwick, and the process cannot be changed. 😞 On the other hand, the supervisor knows that happy, motivated customers tend to become long-term customers. You're the ideal potential customer, and the supervisor decides to make an exception in your case. You have also explained, more than once, that you want to leave Virgin Mobile and that you have no problem with PM being in Beta. That means that you won't be posting negative comments or questions about "why Beta this" and "why Beta that". 🙂

In summary, good luck and I wish you the best on Monday.


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

thank you for clarifying. I hope that a paid emoyee sees this, and can correspond with me. 


Any idea if there office is open to the public. I have a trip to north York on Monday. And would be willing to pay them a visit to see what can be done. 


Hello burkely,

As a customer, I have no say regarding your Beta invitation, but I do want to welcome you to Public Mobile.

We're an interesting bunch of responders, from the West Coast to the Quebec heartland. We sometimes disagree with one another over non-PM issues (feeding trolls is discouraged), but we come together when a customer has a problem, each answering from his area of expertise.

In addition to customer-responders, there is the PM community team, consisting of several individuals, all paid employees of Public Mobile. When one of them makes one's presence known, one's username is accompanied by a mini-photo.

Once again, welcome to PM, and thank you for your positive attitude towards Beta.


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I understand that they are currently in beta, however I am sure that if someone from the corporate side of things is part of this forum they may gladly accept me as a new customer. 


As I stated, as of the 30th of May, I will no longer be with Virgin. Would like to be with PM, but am not willing to sign up with another company only to cancel in a couple of weeks and sign up with PM. 


I have added my email address for an invitation. 



Mayor / Maire




For new customers, please note that Public Mobile is currently in BETA.


They are temporarily accepting new customers only by invitation.


To join the BETA phase, you must register here :



You will be contacted by email within a few weeks. Once you receive your invitation code, you will be able to subscribe on Public Mobile and order a free of charge SIM card.


For now, there is no faster way to subscribe on Public Mobile. They are in BETA to make sure everything works perfectly before the official launch.




If I answered your question, please accept my post as the solution.