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Do monthly unused data accrue or are they lost?


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As others have mentioned, data doesn't roll forward or accumulate.  However, I wanted to add one thing: Add-On packages generally don't expire.  In other words, if you buy an Add-On, you'll get your regular Plan Data every 30 months that "expires" at the end of the month, and any Add-On data you have will stay in your account until it's used up.  🙂

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for more information about Managing Your Data Usage visit  Here link to save your data...

and turn off background data, to save your data.

when your data limit used all, is will be off until next renewal cycle,

at public mobile 30 day Prepaid Service No fees extra charges,

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan any time at no cost. Just select "change plan at next renewal" in Self-Serve. Handy when you expect greater or lesser data consumption during the next month(s).


Some people actually "force plan to renew now" to refresh their data provision. Although if you do this then you'll lose any Rewards which would've been earned during the interrupted plan cycle (in general, the partial-plan-cycle days won't be counted or pro-rated towards your Rewards).


If you're still receiving some sort of sign-up promo bonus then it might be dependent on keeping your existing plan - though the fine print might allow you to keep it while upgrading to a more expensive plan - at least for a while (6 months or whatever).


And if you have a "legacy" plan which is no longer being offered then you can always switch away from it but you won't be able to switch back to it.

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Plan data expires after 30 days.  Data add-ons remain in your account and rollover to the next month until it is used up.  Us roaming data expires 10 days after purchase.