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When "tornado" hits good to have spare data to spend to know what is going on

Mayor / Maire

The lovely city that the fun left ( Ottawa) is mostly with no power and cell towers are saturated that LTE feels like 3G and even the 3G feels like 2G. Anyway it's a good thing that at those time of *crisis* a good bucket of data is still available to use ( 9GB in my case) if you know how to manage your data with PM. 

In an other hand a found the very good reason of having an offline FM radio that came from oversees need to waste data on radio all you need is the headphones. 


Note: I have noticed that in my area LTE keeps disappearing every 2/3 min replaced by 3G for 3 min and then revert to LTE again, and continues doing all night long.

Stay safe everyone.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle


Wow. I have been out of the loop. I an sorry to hear about the trail of destruction left by the tornado through Ottawa. I hope you and your loved ones are doing okay. I am out in the east coast in Nova Scotia making my way back to Ontario. There has been many weather advisories, but we have been fortunate so far. Just checked the notice and our ferry was delayed by 1 hour, but not an outright cancellation. The ferry at North Sydney was delayed a whole 12 hours so they depart at almost midnight.

It’s good to hear you are resourceful and I hope you and your community have a safe recovery.