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What is T911 service? ( 911 Text service )

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Retraité / Retired

Text with 911 is an emergency texting service for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Speech Impaired (DHHSI)customers. If you are a DHHSI customer and want to be able to text with a 911 operator:

Please note that you will be required to agree to the terms of service to use this service.

In an emergency, dial 911 on your cell phone to access the 911 center in your area. They will receive an indicator that tells them to communicate with you via text messaging.

Monitor the cell phone display to ensure that the call is connected. Shortly after the call is connected, you should receive an initial text message from a 911 Call Centre. If you do not receive the initial text message within two minutes, you may end the voice call and redial 911.

The number you will see on  your cell phone will have 13 digits and will begin with 555911. This will identify the call centre you are texting with.

Once the initial text message is received, you should reply to this text message and provide the 9-1-1 Call Taker with the information that they are requesting, such as the nature of the emergency and your location. Keep your text messages brief and concise.

You should keep the 911 voice call connected during the entire text messaging session if possible. This will permit the 911 Call Taker to hear any background noises that can be helpful to assess the emergency, and will provide enhanced 9-1-1 functions.

Depending on the province that you live in and the emergency services you require, you may be transferred to a new number that begins with 555911 during your T911 session to access Fire, Police or EMS. Always send your message to the current 555911 number.

You will know that the T911 session has been concluded when you receive the message “End of 9-1-1 Call”. If no “End of 9-1-1 Call” or further response is received, you can send a text message asking if the 911 conversation has ended. If you receive an error message, the T911 session has ended.

After receiving the “End of 9-1-1 Call” message, if you need to further communicate with the 911 Call Centre, you will need to initiate a new text session by dialing 911 to re-establish contact with the 911 Call Centre and  communicate again by replying to the text message.

How can I find out more about T911 service?

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association web site for Text With 911 for an instructional video and other valuable service information. Important Tips for T911 Users

What else should I know about T911 service?

T911 users should be aware that text messaging is considered a “best efforts” service and there is no guarantee a text message will be sent, delivered or received in a timely manner.  In the unlikely event that this happens, re-send the message.

Providing location information and the nature of the emergency in the first message is imperative. The 911 Call Taker may receive an approximate location of your cell phone with your 911 call, however it is important for the caller to confirm the location of the emergency.

Text messages should be brief and concise.

Text abbreviations and slang should never be used so that the intent of the dialog can be as clear as possible.

T911 should only be used for emergency situations that require a response from police, fire or emergency medical services.

Note: This feature is only available to DHHSI customers. You must accept the terms of service to use this service.

What are the T911 terms of service?

 T911 Terms of Service

T911 service is not available everywhere. Government agencies are responsible for handling emergency calls, and not all of them are able to support T911 service. For T911 coverage areas, please consult the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association website for Text with 911. Coverage areas are approximate.

The T911 Call Taker will attempt to communicate to you via text messages in the language associated with your mobile subscription.  If they language associated with your mobile subscription is not correct, please contact Client Care.  The agency handling your T911 call may not be able to assist you in both official languages. T911 service relies on text messaging sessions initiated by the government emergency response agency receiving your 911 call. The availability of text messaging service is not guaranteed and is subject to the Public Mobile Service Terms.

You must have an active Public Mobile account to access T911 service on your Public Mobile device. Each device on your account must be individually enabled for T911 service, if the user is eligible. Please allow 5 days for registration to become effective.

Your T911 registration will not follow if you port your number to another service provider. You must re-register.

How do I register for T911 service?


Send us an email by visiting Contact Us to register for T911 service.  


What Phones are Compatible with T911? 


Click here to find the phones which are compatible with T911. 




Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle



This post is old and I was inquiring if PM has a tutorial on how to use T911. I added it on the self serve and see it on my account. What further has to be done, and how do you use it?