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Voicemail hangs up

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi I'm not sure if anyone else is having an issue the last two days when I try to check my voicemail the call doesn't go through and then the call is automatically ended. My plan is still active and I've never had problems accessing my VM before. Any ideas?


@Yummy- Do you have volte on your device? If so then @LitlLdy has said that she got call forwarding fixed by support or a higher up technician.

If you don't have volte then no indeed, the conditional call forwarding is broken. That's my case. Useless VoLTE... that the phone can do with another provider but they are apparently doing something (church lady) "special" with their version of volte. It would seem to me to be non-standard.

Mayor / Maire


Just checked my vmail to get rid of ANNOYING spam calls and it worked perfectly.

Really do not like when PM changed ability to forward calls (trick when Nobody could leave vmail) so now DAILY have to go there and delete them. Useless VoLTE...

Mayor / Maire

Try manually dialing 1-778-580-4001 and see if it works differently.

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