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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have a assurance wireless government phone. It went completely out. So I transferred my SIM Card to a different phone that is unlocked. I completed what I needed to do. Yet I'm unable to make any calls. The Mobile Data is on, but it's not connecting. The bar status has an "x" . I'm not understanding the reason why..


@softech wrote:


Provide us more information and maybe we can help.  Maybe


I am wondering do people (car owners) go to mechanic/dealer, leave a car and keys and just say 'car is making some noises somewhere' and leave.

Or do they SPEND some time to EXPLAIN in details what an issues is or might be so tech can at least know where to start troubleshooting????

Mayor / Maire

@Loyalone1 - trying to had a Public Mobile sim card in a previous phone that used to provide services with Public Mobile?

Can you log into your My Account and ensure your account status is Active?


If Suspended you will need to make a manual payment to reactivate either through My Account or by use of vouchers or through 611,  see here:

Locations to obtain some:





Assurance Wireless is a telephone service subsidized by the federal Lifeline Assistance program, a government benefit program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. The service provides to low-income eligible people a free phone,[1][2] free monthly data, unlimited texting, and free monthly minutes. Assurance Wireless users do not receive a bill, are not required to sign a contract, and do not pay activation fees or recurring fees.[3] Founded in 2009, Assurance Wireless has used the T-Mobile network for coverage since 2020.



So, how does that related to Public Mobile ?

or you were putting the Assurance wireless sim into a phone that was working well with a PM sim card before?  

Are you now in US or in Canada?  the Assurance wireless phone was able to connect onto Public Mobile network in Canada before it was "completely out"?


Provide us more information and maybe we can help.  Maybe


Mayor / Maire

This looks to me as USA service. I am not aware of any FREE mobiles in Canada.

It is not clear what exactly you are doing and is this has anything to do with Public Mobile.

Mayor / Maire


Your phone could be locked by another carrier.

What is the make and model of your phone so we can help you determine if it is locked and by who?

Mayor / Maire

HI@Loyalone1   What phone is that? 


Start with wiping the phone, reset to Factory and check if it connects


Mayor / Maire

Did you buy a Public sim and activate it and transfer the Assurance Wireless number over?


Adding - looking further, this appears to be a US service. You wouldn't be able to bring that number in to Public. Do you have a Canadian number on that service?

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