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Understanding the new rewards system?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hey, so before i used to get like $8 off my bill for autopay, loyalty and referrals

Now the new reward system has kicked in and all i see in my account is 5 points. ( welcome )

I currently pay $34 a month.

1. What is the fastest way to accumulate points monthly?

2. Do you only get money off your bill when you get 15 points and go into the rewards and select it under catalogue?

3. Is it possible to get money off your bill monthly using this new system?

Any light you can shed is appreciated.




you will see the 3 referrals point after renewal.  They add points after every renewals

I personally have not been switched yet, but I have read that it will be posted around renewal time.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Weird as those 3 points haven't shown up. 

I only have 5 welcome points

You will get 3 points for your 3 referrals. They will continue from past.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I had referred 3 people. Do i get those or are those gone. It it only referrals from here on out not the past ones?

Mayor / Maire

@JONMILLS  this is what it will look like.

As of this month, you will be loosing the $6 or $7 discount. You will now have to pay your full plan amount upfront each month. 

They will give you 5% back on your spending each month.

10 points on your anniversary date

1 point per friend referred. 

1-15 points in helping out in the Community. 

No more loyalty.

When you have accumulated 15 points, you sign into your account and redeem that for $15 off your bill or purchase add-ons.


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