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US Roaming did not activate, or allow me to access while in the US $20 1GB add-on

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi... I bought the US Roaming add on, and it did not work....I was not able to access my 1gb of data.... the 10 days has already passed. I was in Florida last week, and it did not allow me to access.... the 1gb... I attempted multiple times but no access.

How do I get a refund?





Accepted Solutions

Click the ? in lower right side of screen. Type "contact a human" can click on "Contact Moderators" or "Submit a Ticket" to start process.

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Mayor / Maire

Purchasing add-ons is a two step process - you need to purchase and add them.  Here is a guide.

You could try contact a moderator to inquire if they would issue a refund but not guaranteed.  Click on the question mark on the bottom right.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hey I have the same problem with PM, every second USA Addon I purchase doesn't work and days go by with no help from the moderators even though I would repeatily request that it be escalated to a higher level - they blame it on the US provider but don't have any problems continuing to not only offer this service but charge for it. They make you find wifi to sign into the private messaging service and then you wait..... they don't seem to know how to text to the phone when (IF) its been fixed. 

Mayor / Maire

Look in the billing section of your account to confirm if you actually bought the add-on. Let us know wht you see.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



Thanks for the info, 


Yes, from reading other chats, I checked and definitely paid the $20 and had the add-on on my account for the 10 days, but kept not being able to access, except when in a wifi area, and also, checked my data usage, and none of the 1GB was used while I was on my trip.... 

I tried the question mark earlier, but didn't recieve a response except some canned computer responses, that didn't answer the question....  please advise what my next steps should be..... much apprectiated.... Barry

Click the ? in lower right side of screen. Type "contact a human" can click on "Contact Moderators" or "Submit a Ticket" to start process.