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Trouble using promo code

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I activated a sim today, and was unable to add the 12MONTHS12GB promo code - has anyone else had trouble ?


@CodyGrimsley   12months12gb is ONLY for new activation, not for existing customers


So, the best plan now is $40 for 15 GB.  Although it looks like not as good as 5GB+12GB extra, but the 12GB extra is for 12 months anyway (of course, you cannot use it), this 15GB deal is "forever", so it is better in that sense


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Im trying to change my plan today. Ive been trying to select the $40/month with 5GB and trying to apply the 12MONTHS12GB promo code. However it says it is not a valid promo code. Has anyone got a fix for this?

Mayor / Maire


If you chose the $40/5gb plan contact cu0stomer support to add the promocode to your account. You may also want to schedule a plan change on next renewal to the $40/15gb plan. Once your plan changes you will lose the promotional 12gb of data but the $40/15gb plan has no expiry vs the promocode 12MONTHS12GB which expires after 12 months.

Mayor / Maire

Did you sign up for a plan >=$40? You also can't actually apply it to the 15gb plan.

Mayor / Maire



There were many account issues today.


You can try contacting an agent.


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