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Though I am still on the Old Rewards system, If that changes, Hoping PM will revamp the New Ones

Mayor / Maire

The New Rewards Points definitely needs to be Overhauled, as it does need Narrow the Gap Between the Old and the New, Even If Not Fully on Par, But id the Gap was 75-85% Closer, that would at least be a good starting point


@HALIMACS , I wonder what those Prizes are, since they can be quite fascinating


I do hope though they do tweak the Rewards system to be a little More Fair and Fair is Fare

Mayor / Maire


I do not see public mobile amending public points to make them more favourable for customers.

I would submit the only thing they may be good for or for those gambling types who like to enter the infrequent draws for little prizes once in a while.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

the only thing the points are good for now is using them on minutes and lowering your bill otherwise with the new addon expiry they are virtually worthless.