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Switching to Koodo for a monthly plan

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Hi guys,


Did anyone receive a text from PM today or recently asking them to take advantage of a limited time offer to switch to Koodo to receive the same plan, but receive a monthly bill?


Just wondering what's going on, and what incentive I have to do this. Aside from monthly billing and keeping the same monthly rate, I don't actually have any advantage. In fact, there is no mention that I would continue to have my monthly automatic payment discount, nor my loyalty or referral discounts either...


@CET_GUY27, thanks for getting that - I'm slow on getting back to these things.


Yes, that copied portion from the text is what I'm reffering to.


Also... I do not think PM is closing down... otherwise they would be sending it to everyone, and would be telling us directly.  If they were to close down, everyone would need at least a 90 day notice, as many of us have 90 day plans.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


Thanks! Sorry, I just skimmed that copy of the text msg since I already read it in my test msgs. I think it's just a default you get from PM when you sign up for an account with them. I get random msgs for promos occasionally, but usually I discover them through other means faster than they actually send me a text (except this time, but it's not really a promo, and I guess it only applies to people with certain plans). I checked my online account, but I don't see anywhere where I can opt in/out of these texts.

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@More_Chaos you literally reply to the text message with the word "unsubscribe" and you're done. 

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The Koodo thing must be making a come back.  I heard quite a bit about this back in the day when the fall promo had just ended.  I never got the offer, so I don't know the exact terms.  The current Koodo offer is pretty weak, especially for those of us paying the same for twice the data. 

I agree. Rogers and Fido offer better migration deals to their customers.

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Koodo is aggressively targeting Public clients now

$100 bill credit at Koodo when switching



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Yes, I understand how to unsubscribe (it's written right on the text msg), but I was replying to stonechucker's question about how to 'sign up' for PM's Promotions List to receive these types of text (i.e. I wasn't aware that you had to do anything to receive them).

@xkey Tab small & Tab medium are the EXACT same discounts, just the funny math in how calculating them

Coupled with the $100 bill credit I will argue in most cases it is cheaper than the inmarket offers 


Tab large is where you see extra rebates but then plans suck



Looks like it's $40 a month ($5 cheaper then their regular plan) plus $25 off for four months ($100 billing discount). It can only be used with their Small Tab plans, so no good discounts on new phones. Does come with canada-wide calling instead of province only.

So discount code seems to depend on your plan?





Any more?


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Public Mobile offers subscribers upgraded Koodo plans for same monthly price By Rose Behar FEB 9, 20184:56 PM EST 0 COMMENTS Telus’ wireless prepaid brand, Public Mobile, is offering its customers a move up the value chain with a limited-time deal. Some Public Mobile users are receiving texts that offer 2GB of data, unlimited international text and unlimited Canada-wide minutes all for the same price of their current plan. Additionally, the message says Public customers can get $100 in bill credits by inputting a specific promo code. The offer ends February 28th, 2018. The Public Mobile subscriber who shared this deal with MobileSyrup reported that they pay $120 for a 90-day plan, or approximately $40 per month. For this price, they get 6GB of data, unlimited international text, unlimited provincial talk and a 200-minute U.S. and Canada long-distance add-on. After discounts, including a loyalty reward, autopay reward and refer-a-friend award, that price comes down to $99, or approximately $33 per month — though it’s likely Public’s deal refers to the in-market price, not the discounted version. Comparatively, a 2GB in-market Koodo plan with unlimited minutes and unlimited messaging currently costs $45, while a 3GB in-market Koodo plan with the same features costs $55. With this in mind, 2GB of data, unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited text for $40 is a fairly worthwhile deal. In Telus’ most recent earnings call, CEO and president Darren Entwistle said a strong focus for the company is “moving people up the value chain” through prepaid to postpaid migration. During Bell’s recent earnings call, CEO and president George Cope made mention of wanting to pursue the same strategy with the company’s recently-launched Lucky Mobile.  Rogers also regularly offers 

Read more at MobileSyrup.comPublic Mobile offers subscribers upgraded Koodo plans for same monthly price