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Still waiting for problem resolution...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Anybody else have difficulties submitting a ticket? The chatbot just sends you around in circles it doesn't actually allow you to submit a ticket. Once you do find a way hopefully you don't experience the same issues I have been... On Wednesday I finally figured out a way to submit a ticket and patiently waited my response from a customer service person. Several hours later somebody contacted me and then sent me through the verification process which is just ridiculous back and forth waiting for emails. And then nothing. Silence, tumbleweed blowing through the breeze... No reply from the person who was supposed to be helping me. Then I got contacted by somebody in sales who suggested that I increase my data plan when I'm already at the hundred gig level. You think somebody propositioning somebody to change their plan would actually have a look at the clients profile and see what plan they're on in the first place. Still nothing from the original person. Then Thursday I get a message from a different customer service person saying that they'll be helping no and I had to go to the whole verification process again and the same old stupid single sentence questions which they easily could have figured out if they looked the phone I have attached to my account. So answer them politely and patiently waited their reply. It's now early Saturday morning and I'm still waiting. This is ridiculous I understand how the community works and I understand how the prices are low because they don't have a customer service team on a 1-800 number waiting for us but this is just downright ridiculous. I've got an issue with my service and I need it resolved it shouldn't take three or four days of back and forth single sentence emails or messages to figure it out. It shouldn't take two or three different people passing the buck off to each other to resolve my issue. Did everybody go away for the long weekend or something? Maybe they didn't like my issue so they threw me back in the hat for somebody else to draw out like pulling short straws? Maybe somebody in customer service will read this and get in contact with me to help me resolve my issue like I was hoping to have resolved on Wednesday. Has anybody else gone through this frustrating process like I'm going through? 


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Well here we are... It's 8:00pm PST on Saturday March 9, 2024 and still no response. I could see if they're "really busy" that they wouldn't be able to get to my ticket but they already initiated it and communicated with me regarding the issue. I find it absolutely disrespectful and completely unprofessional to just cease communication after acknowledging the ticket I submitted and reaching out to help. I would have much rather just sat patiently in line awaiting my "turn" to be assisted than to be treated the way I have been. Although I believe that the "community" way of approaching customer service does work, I would definitely have to share my experience, Public Mobiles absolute failure and total collapse of whatever, if any, structure they had in regards to customer service and the handling of issues beyond the community. But, what else is new. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

When I login and try to go to my account, it gives me two choices : Resume activation and Return to login.

I am waiting for my ticket to be resolved, hopefully it will be taken care of today.

@qubn   Are you able to log in to your account?  If so your account number is shown there.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I feel you, this is horrible It should take that long I guess they got flooded with with tickets about the legacy reward moving to points Yes the customer support team work everyday from 9am to 10 pm The only thing I can sudgest you is to contact them via private message and hope it get resolve

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am completely feeling you, starting to see why this is so cheap as a service.

So complicated to get your phone number transferred and new subscription activated..

They're asking me for my PM account number, but never gave it to me..

hopefully they work on the weekend.

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