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Severly Degraded Data Service During Power Outage(s)

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Dec. 23 we, yet again, were barely able to use our monthly 3G data services during 2 separate power outages in Kentville, NS.  Download speeds of 0.02Mbps and Upload of 0.01Mbps basically leaving us with only our voice services (phone calling and texting).  Having severly degraded, data services during a power outage to the point where the NS Power outage map can't be loaded (or even Google to find the outage number to call!) has us deciding if we should continue our service with Public Mobile.  This same issue was addressed during hurricane Fiona (severely degraded data services) and additional data service was granted to existing customer accounts but appears to still be any ongoing issue. 


We will be testing our 3G data services on a more consistent basis to evaluate the reliability of Public Mobile and should we experience further issues with data service reliability we will be moving to an alternate provider.


Mayor / Maire

You cannot expect a lot of any service when power is off.

Cell tower might have some UPS backup but most likely (if they have) it will be allocated to talk/text and not data usage.


@Central   is your phone's Preferred network set to 3G only or LTE/4G? 


Just a reminder, you can still use LTE/4G on your 3G speed plan (just that the speed will be capped at 3Mpbs).  So, try to test on both LTE and 3G Only to see if your data speed is better


Also, check with your friends who are on Telus/Koodo/Bell/Virgin/Lucky and see if the experiencing the same issue


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