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Seconde US Roaming add-on does not work after first one expired.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

On Sunday, Dec 11 I received a text from public mobile reminding me that my US roaming package “expires tomorrow”. It said, “Go to for more options.” On the next day I purchased the add-on again and was charged for it on my credit card. On Dec. 13 whenever I try to send a text message, it says that my plan does not allow outgoing texts but requires an add-on (the one that I already purchased). Who can help me with this please? I need this in order to communicate properly while out of Canada.


Thank you. Yes, that re-buy is where the problem is. Did you buy the first one by putting money in first or did you already have a balance? Or did you select it and have it in the cart and then did the payment?

You selected a solution...which part was the solution?

By aware of the exact time that an add-on is purchased. It's 240 hours to expiry. The expiry warning should be around midnight eastern of the night before. Did you buy talk/text or data for the $15?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

When I looked at my payment history, I noticed that the first time I bought the add-on, $15 was first credited to my account, then removed when the add-on was applied. The second time it was only credited. So I’m left with that $15 balance and no add-on was applied. Not sure if that helps clarify?

@EPW- When you did the re-buy, did you see the amount in your balance? Did you see updated items in your add-on list?

I'm still not convinced of the exact amount of time to wait to re-buy the same add-on. I think it's in fact less than 24 hours. But I do think that for as long as you see 0/10 days left in your add-ons list that you aren't actually able to buy that same one. I think that when it does finally disappear is when you can re-buy it.

My recent experience was frustrated by the fact that the stupid system was down...again... when I wanted to watch for this to occur.

The problem for the unknowing customer is that the add-on becomes available to purchase after it expires. But it won't work. Recent-ish reports suggest the paid amount just goes into the balance...which is why I asked.


if you plan on being in US for awhile, consider downloading free voip app like TextNow. It uses wifi to send / receive free voice calls and texts. There's usually free wifi in most resorts, motels, cafe's and Walmart along the might have to ask for their password.

Alternatively...get a local sim and a cheap plan for your use while in US. Check nearest Walmart.


for the most part, PM's 10 Day US talk add-on is hit and miss while in US. Best is to manually select T-Mobile as preferred network for talk. Seems to be just ok in larger cities...not so much as you get into rural setting.

Welcome to Public Mobile!!!


Where we get...






Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thanks for that helpful info. Seems wrong though that they should prompt you to renew, accept your renewal, and then fail silently to provide the service that you paid for. 😉

Mayor / Maire

Contact the Customer Support agents, @EPW 


The same add-on cannot be added until 24 hours after the initial one has expired.   Most folks are recommended to purchase a slightly different add-on for continuous use.


The CSA's can apply the same one directly, hopefully with the funds you added earlier.


To contact a Customer Support Agent, there are 2 methods:


  1. Use the ticketing system for a faster response time. Click here and type Customer Support Agent, then select Contact Us, then select Other (or the topic that more closely matches your request).  Click the result which states Click here to submit a ticket and follow the prompts,  or, 
  2. Send a private message to the Customer Support Agent by clicking here  You’ll need to be logged into your Community account for the link to work.


Watch for their response in your Community private mailbox which will be indicated by a number on the small envelope icon to the left of your Community avatar.

Mayor / Maire

It's been shown previously, that you must wait for the add-on to expire...then wait an additiona 24 hours before rebuying same add-on. Otherwise it glitches each other.

Try buying add-on Talk and text rather than talk/text/data.

Contact CSA to credit your account for malfunctioning add-on.

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