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SOLVED - Conditional call forwarding and YouMail not working

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I was unable to program conditional call forwarding with my Samsung Galaxy A15 cell phone.

This is a very frustrating experience for many Public Mobile users, especially those who enjoyed using YouMail as an alternative to regular voicemail.

This is the SOLUTION (that has worked for me) to get conditional call forwarding to work again.

1 - Remove the SIM card from your Public Mobile cell phone (which cannot program the conditional call forwarding numbers)
2 - Insert the SIM card into an older cell phone, preferably one that does not have VoLTE capability.
3 - Program the conditional call forwarding numbers onto the SIM card by using the older cell phone. If this does not work for you, find and repeat these steps using another older model cell phone.
4 - Once successfully programmed, replace the SIM card back into your Public Mobile phone.
5 - The conditional call forwarding settings that were successfully programmed into your SIM card using an older cell phone will now work on your Public Mobile cell phone

My experience:

I used an older BLU Energy X Plus cell phone running Android Version 5.0 to successfully program and set my required conditional call forwarding numbers.

Then I put the "programmed Public Mobile SIM card" back into my new Samsung Galaxy A15 cell phone, and everything now works!!

Good luck to all who wish to get their YouMail accounts working again!


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi @Nezgar 

Thanks for the reply!

I would also like to thank you for your post which inspired me to use one of my older cell phones to program my Public Mobile SIM card for conditional call forwarding.

HOWEVER - - it took me a LONG time to search, find and eventually read that post!!

Now that we have two confirmed results that prove that your SOLUTION works, what is required to make this answer EASILY available for all community members to read?

Is there a simple way to send this answer to those who have previously posted with this same issue?

From my own testing experience, it's not just "any" older model of cell phone that will work.

My previous cell phone was a discontinued Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and was NOT able to program my Public Mobile SIM card for conditional call forwarding.

Thanks very much again for your help in solving this for me!!


If the solution from @Nezgar has helped other members, please reply back to this thread to post makes and models of cell phones that successfully programmed the SIM cards.

Mayor / Maire

Heya @AlarmGuy - In the past I found your method to revive the ability to set conditional call forwarding also worked for me when I temporarily put my SIM into an old BlackeBerry Q10, which is also not VoLTE capable.

In addition, after putting the SIM back into my BlackBerry KeyOne (running Android 8.1, and VoLTE working) I was also now able to set/unset the conditional call forwarding back in that phone as well.

It's good to have YouMail again 🙂

Plus you can also set your  manually declined and blocked calls to go to Lenny, and not your voicemail. 😂

Mayor / Maire

hi @AlarmGuy thanks for the tips!! Someone said  agent can now fix the problem if you open ticket with them. Honest, I have tried, I think I should try and see if it conditional forwarding works 

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