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SIM card transfer not working

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello Community, 


I have not received the SMS authorization yet. And my old SIM is not working. How can Public send that request when my old account is inactive?



Unfortunately, you need You Virgin and Lucky accounts active to port your number over to PM. Once porting is completed those accounts will automatically close.


Looks like you need to pick new numbers for each of those accounts.

@luiswoldu   you don't cancel an account before you port.  Accounts must be active for the numbers to be ported


There is a very high chance you have to reactivate the plans  and get the sms before the numbers can be ported.  


If your account on Virgin is postpaid, likely the cost to reactivate and port would be lower as they might be able to just charge you the day or two

But Lucky is a prepaid service, you likely have to reactivate a full month for this porting "exercise".  Pick the lowest priced plan to minimize the cost

@luiswoldu wrote:

Hey! Yes, I'm porting to Public Mobile. I also cancelled both my old Lucky Mobile and Virgin service weeks ago.

@luiswoldu -  a successful port over to Public Mobile automatically cancels your previous provider's service and account. In this case from Lucky and Virgin.


If this was weeks ago that you cancelled these plans, are those phone number even available any longer? Try calling the numbers and see if they have been reassigned. Depending on who 'owns' the original phone numbers it may not even be with these providers any longer.


If they originally belonged to Lucky and Virgin, respectively, than you can contact these providers and ask to reactivate the accounts (you may need new sim cards from Lucky and Virgin to do so), then once active port over to Public.


If those numbers and accounts are gone, then you will need to choose a new number with Public Mobile, if a temporary one was not already assigned to your account. You can change your number in your My Account yourself if you choose to.

Crap. @luiswoldu 


I'm afraid to say that you will not be able to move your prior number here if your prior service was canceled and is indeed deactivated.


If you can contact them and ask to restore the service account (if that's a possibility) then you can reinitiate the port from there to here if your number is still attached to that account.


Here's an information article:

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hey! Yes, I'm porting to Public Mobile. I also cancelled both my old Lucky Mobile and Virgin service weeks ago.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello Halimacs,


I just put my old SIM card (from Lucky Mobile, that's not Telus?) and the service is inactive. I have no intention to reactivate the account for one SMS.

Mayor / Maire

Or,  @luiswoldu , are you not moving mobile providers and just trying to change your SIM card on a Public Mobile account from an old one to a new one?



Mayor / Maire

Are you porting to public mobile or out of public mobile, @luiswoldu ?


Both services need to be active in order to complete a port.


Unless you are moving amongst the Telus group of companies (TELUS, KOODO OR PUBLIC MOBILE), you will need to ensure each account with each provider is active

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