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Response time for Moderators

Mayor / Maire

Just a heads up,I had a little issue with rewards it was resolved almost immediately response time is less than an hour today so someone is doing something right(even Simon) thanks for a great job to Dany PM Mod !!




Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Me too. The response was pretty fast even though it was late. They even reset my password in the middle of the night! So far I'm pretty happy with the service at public mobile.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Just used the MOD today for the first time and I must say they got back to me very quickly.  Today had Carlos and would like to give a shout out to him.  My situation was handled very well and as a new member I was very impressed with the service.

@RossN I think it's the same with Moderators. some know what they're doing, some don't...


With the expansion on the number of moderators, I think gone are the days of waiting 48 hours.  Also these days, I would imagine the number of new sign ups is down.  The moderator workload must be way down from normal.  

@Staliger  personally I think this system works fine for me,it's better than sitting on the phone for hours sometimes and talking to a rep that has no idea what they are doing half the time not to say they are all like that but it really sucks when you get a bad one lol

Mayor / Maire

@RossN That's good news! Perhaps in the future response will be very fast from them.