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Port Out Number without cancelling acount

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I would like to port out the number currently on my PM account, but i dont want to lose my plan so I would like to get another number on my account after I port out. Does anyone know if this is possible? And if it is not, i have another PM account, would i be able to get some credit on that account for the money i paid in advance for this account?


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@mobifree what @NDesai said is unfortunately 100% correct.  This has been asked about a number of times and is not possible.

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@mobifree There is actually no solution as what OP asked is not possible. 


In your case, if you transfer your public mobile number to bell, you will lose your plan and account. If you change your number to some random one, you will loose your current number. So its simply not possible in any way.

You would have to port out your public mobile number to bell and lose the public mobile plan. If you want to stay on Public Mobile for personal use, make a new account with a new plan and new number. 

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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So what exactly is the solution for this particular question / issue, as I'm in similar bind.


I have a Public Mobile account, and love it!


I just got a new job, and the company is providing me with a phone through BELL. I wish to keep my cell # as most of my clients already have this number, but I don't want to lose to my PM plan (want to use it for personal purposes.. Totally OK with getting a new random #).


Will PM help me in anyway to keep my plan ($120 90day 4GB plan) and still port out my existing number to my BELL corporate account?

A number cannot be ported out without the Public Mobile account getting closed.  This is an automatic process.  It will happen.  The rules of number porting state that Public Mobile most close out your phone line/service/account when you port out.  They are mandated to do that.


Saying that, the closed account doesn't have to necessarily be a permanently closed account.  Technically, a new phone number could be assigned to the account and the account reactivated, but that would have to be done after the other number has first been transfered out.


Public could always create a new account for you and assign your old plan to you (if CS has access to the old plan).


Realize that the company is under no obligation to do any of that.  While making some type of accomodation for you could likely be arranged, the answer could still be "no".  There could be technical limations that get in the way, and even if there isn't, there are sometimes business rules and decisions that customers service needs to abide by.




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@mimmo That's true, but hope there are exceptions. There was a recent case where a customer was able to transfer his fall promo plan to his wife. Not all hope is lost

From my knowledge, porting out cancels the account. You can either port out and loose the plan or change number to keep the account but loose the number. All depends on what is more important to you.

Also funds can not be transferred from one account to another.

Sorry for all the negative news.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you very much!

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The following is a guide on how to do so:


And no worries. Welcome to the PM community!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I see, do you know how i would be able to contact one? Sorry im new here.

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You will have to ask a moderator since this definitely falls into the category of unique scenarios. You can do so by sending her a private message.