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Plan didn't update

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hello, I upgraded my plan to LTE speed from 3G, I'm also supposed to get 6GB instead of 5gb. I've been charged the new fee amount $ on my credit card. And I've just logged in to see my plan and it says I'm back with my old plan. Please help. TY. 


@dust2dust Thanks, I thought it applies to the service and account!

@BKNS27- No. The speed will take 48 hours. But the plan will change.

Mayor / Maire


Did you pay for the $45 plan (6gb)?

Please contact a CS_Agent to adjust your account if you paid for the $45 plan.

It will take 48 hours to show up on your account.


Mayor / Maire

@tdotdee - how long ago did you change plans?

Did you choose "Change Plan Now" or "Change Plan on Next Renewal" ?


When changing from 3G plans to 4G plans, review this:


Otherwise, it still issues, ask CSA to look into this.

Public Mobile Representatives customer support agents (CSA) can be contacted by either two methods, found here:

Mayor / Maire

As above, the site has a terrible time actually giving new updated information. Different browser, different device, incognito mode, refresh, little spinner refresh button lower down in the page. It's been a terrible system roll out. Try them all. Your new plan should be there if you paid for it.

Mayor / Maire


tried use browser from computer,and clear cache and cookies and use one page inPrivate mode,

To Login Page

go to Plan & Add-ons, you will show the new plan.. but for the new speed will take up to 48 hr.