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Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Is it just me or does anyone else agree that Public needs a little more persistence of in-between Subscription Plans? 

Right now the jump from 1GB to 20GB is incredibly huge and many would love a 5GB-10GB option in-between even at 3G or 4G Speeds, sure there is the $25 • 5GB but it seems only a handful of people We're given that offer for existing Accounts on certain Plans.

If $25 • 5GB can't be offered to everyone, something like $25 • 3GB should be offered and Public will win over tons of the users from other Pre-Paid providers paying the universal $25/$30 for 1GB.. I mean your offering alot of people 5GB for $25, what's the harm in getting extra users and offering 3GB for the same price to everyone or even just new Activations as an in-between Plan?

If you don't want to do somsthing like $25 • 3GB or keep the $34 • 20GB 90Day persistent at least offer the same in-between Plans as Koodo Pre-Paid up to $39. (Example: Koodo Pre-Paid has $35 for 5GB) I could easily see Public offer a 5GB-10GB for $35 if the marketing team really wanted. - Lucky Mobile is offering 5GB • $30, and 6.5GB • $35. - Freedom Mobile has 3GB • $29, and usually 10GB for • $34. 

(Addition: the $15 Plan could also use an adjustment, Freedom Mobile is offering 250mb with Unlimited Calling + Texting for $19 per month.. a cheaper plan with Unlimited Calling is most definitely also needed here as well.)

The 20GB for $34 isn't a bad deal at all, I just wish it could stay or we could get an exact end date on it, it's such a perfect in between for that price and it's the only affordable 90-day Plan so far, at least in my opinion. 

@J_PM may I recommend another 75GB-100GB Unlimited Data Plan be added? There are quite a few people who need the faster data for longer before slow down and reduced speeds. (Example: My mother is still with Bell on a $75 • 100GB Unlimited Data Plan and would switch to Public if they offered a plan that catered her needs- she is using 65GB-100GB monthly with her current Bell Plan, therefore Public doesn't have any suitable Plans at the moment.)

Although the Plans have never been better with Public Mobile, I miss the days where there was a wider selection in between.


Mayor / Maire

HI @Priority 

good observation. 

But I think most people wants more data now, so the $40 plan is a very good option for people who needs lots of data

And I think PM knows some customers in the lower price plan want more data too, they have sent out promotion offer for $25-5GB , it is good

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