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Phone not receiving incoming calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi there, can someone please fix my phone since it hasn't been able to receive incoming calls since earlier this week. When someone calls my number, the call goes to the voice mail right away. This needs to be fixed ASAP!


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi its been over a week since I ported my number over. I received the confirmation text from my previous provider to authorize the transfer. I've already tried to go in and out of airplane mode, restart, go into 3g ect.... I can call using my esim with public mobile but still can't recieve calls. Any ideas? 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Try removing your SIM card and putting it back in again. Do you get a “no sim” message?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

yes I am porting a number over from lucky mobile .

Mayor / Maire


If we rule out porting and the current renewal glitch then there are two main possibilities that could be the root cause of your problem.


Provisioning.... Your sim card could just need reprovisioning especially if the problem occurred right after renewal and it's not related to the current glitch of scheduling a plan change and having no incoming services. If it is only your incoming calling that is affected then most effective way of fixing it from the user end would be to log into your self-serve account. Suspend your service via lost / stolen. Log out / in. Resume your service via lost / stolen. Log out. Reboot. Does your incoming calling now come directly to your phone?


Be forewarned if you use this method your rewards will not automatically apply upon renewal. After renewal or reactivation you will have to contact customer support to have them apply your rewards manually. I would normally tell most people just to contact customer support and not try this method but because of this other ongoing glitch you may be waiting longer than usual and it would be easier for you to try this on your end first. The choice is yours?


3G network connectivity.... This is the other possibility. It may be a temporary issue as they upgrade cell tower equipment. This has been a common problem in the last year locally with for the most part the issue resolves itself in a couple of weeks. However in some cases telus or the other providers eliminate some of the 3G network equipment in order to make room for 5G that will leave you without 3G network service or with a very poor connection/signal to it which will affect your phone calls.


If you are having no issues with your outgoing calls and it is only your incoming calls that are redirected to voicemail immediately this would be caused by delay in switching from the 4G LTE network to the 3G network that public mobile uses for your voice services. By switching to 3G only in your settings should eliminate this problem. You can check periodically every few days to see if going back to the auto connect setting. If the issue means the tower upgrades have completed. Since you've been experiencing this problem for a week you may only have another week before it gets resolved.


If changing to the 3G network does not resolve your issues then you have a connectivity issue with these possible upgrades having eliminated your local tower's 3G network. Then you would have to use the workaround of downloading a VoIP provider phone number and when you do have 3G network service or travel to an area that has 3G the programming your call forwarding for a busy / declined and unreachable to your VoIP provider phone number so that your incoming Public Mobile calls will not go to voicemail but instead will go to your voip phone number. This will work on both mobile data and on Wi-Fi and switch seamlessly so you will not lose calls.


You can test your 3G signal strength when you have selected 3G only in your settings. After that go to Settings >About phone>>Sim card status>>Signal strength>> -50dBm to -90dBm Good -91 to -100dBm Fair -101dBm to -109dBm Poor -110dBm to -120dBm Unusable. (This indicates signal connectivity and strength and helps determine whether you have lost your local towers 3G network)


With a rumor a few months ago that telus would be implementing VoLTE calling for Public Mobile customers.... is by the end of September and noticeable amount of customers complaining especially in the smaller towns that they have lost their 3G service makes us believe that the rumor may be true and that telus has not fixed the 3G network problem because they know they will be implementing VoLTE anyways so they have not spent the extra expenditures to repair an issue that does not need to be fixed in the near future when it will no longer be used.

Mayor / Maire

I did see the community start date @dabr . 🙂 you just never know if this is another account that is activating another account by an existing or past community member, is where my thoughts go.

But yeah, this strange plan change glitch, so weird when these things pop; but more annoying than weird.

Mayor / Maire

@esjliv    Seems like OP has had a community account since Aug or Oct 2021 so maybe @smilingtomato  can also let us know if he changed plans recently and it might be related to the ongoing glitch with plan changes?  In which case @smilingtomato  you'll need to submit a ticket to customer support and ask for assistance but might have a bit of wait as there's many other customers experiencing similar issues and there's a backlog of tickets for CSA's to deal with right now.


Here's a link to chatbot:

Or CS_Agent:

Mayor / Maire

@smilingtomato - is this a brand new activation and you have not been receiving calls all along?

Or, were services working fine until a week ago? 


Try 1 or more of the below:

  • restart your phone
  • toggle into and out of airplane mode
  • perform a Reset of the device's Network Settings
  • move your sim card to another phone to see if services works
  • manually select the 3G / WCDMA ONLY network in your Mobile Connections area in your settings (temporarily) to see if services work


If you porting a number over to public, your port may be stuck. Please provide more information so we can help.

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