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Old account moving to new point system - did not authorize this action

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


It seems my old reward system is being forcefully moved to the new point system. I did not agree to this change at all. I was very careful in the past to avoid it but it seems my choice has been ignored and is being processed for the new point system. I'd like this action reversed, and if it does not then I will be leaving this service. When did my choice become null in this? 

Thank you.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Welcome to the party @willwilliamx1 . All of us in the old system don't agree with the forced move to the points system. If you want to fight it the only choice is to take your business elsewhere. It's happening everywhere these days in all facets of life. Best to not sweat the small stuff.

Mayor / Maire


Sorry no can do. PM is switching every single members like us. 😭 

I guess it is better than nothing. At least we can collect and redeem a $15 credit.

Remember this is a PM perk that they offer. Other carriers don’t offer anything.

Mayor / Maire

HI @willwilliamx1 

sorry, nothing you can do.  PM has the right to cancel the old reward system, which they are doing.  Then they have the right to add you to the new point system.  You can only opt out the new point system, but still the old one no longer exist, so you will be out of the old rewards anyway

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