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Number Transfer

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am porting my number to another provider. The transfer was requested almost 12 hours ago and I am yet to receive a text message from Public Mobile to confirm that I am authorizing the transfer. Could someone @ Public Mobile contact me to discuss. Thanks




Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

When I ported my number I found that I had to harass my old provider and public mobile as well

Mayor / Maire

Wouldn't that be a funny coincidence if you were the other side of a recent customer concern. 🙂

Did you leave this sim in a phone? Is this account active? Are you certain you provided the correct informatio?

Mayor / Maire

@KD19   make sure your PM line is active and you can receive regular text without problem.


Call your new provider and ask them if there is any problem holding up on their side.  If nothing wrong, ask them to re-trigger the porting request


If they re-trigger and you wait another 4 hours without the text, please open ticket with PM support using this direct link


If you have made a request to port your number to another carrier and have not received an SMS from Public Mobile to confirm your request, please open our chatbot via this link. This will put you in touch with our Customer Support Agents who will be able to assist you.