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No add on uS roaming credited to my account

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I purchased a 15 day US oaring package by redeeming points ( as i have done in the past. Despite receiving a confirmation email from public mobile my account has not been credited and I have no service. Tried to message agents but no response. What’s next?



Mayor / Maire

@roundisland44   yes, redeem should happen instantly


check My Account again using Incognito mode to confirm you are not reading old cache page


for support, message them again for update, they are the only one who can confirm on the system


Mayor / Maire



Are you in the US now?


Did you manually connect to the T-Mobile network?   Try that ... plus if making calls you may need to switch your device to 2G if it has that capability as the 3G network down there is decommissioned.