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New SIM card number on existing account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have tried on my iphone and now my computer.  The website will not update my new SIM card number.  When I ask to update it clears all the numbers and keeps the original number.  Tried twice and second time said my number was invalid.  Not funny anymore.  I don't have a phone!!!!!!!!!! I can text or email because I have wifi.  If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have anything at all.  Who can I call? Can someone give me advice. I'm getting desperate as I am a senior and handicapped and need that phone.  


Mayor / Maire


Can you please clarify about clearing all the numbers and keeping the original number?

Any why are you changing your SIM? The old one should be good and all you need to do is to make a payment on your account so the old SIM will work again.

You can only have one number in your account.

To update the SIM on your account, you will need to clear cache, cookies and go incognito on your browser first before login to your account then go into Profile section and click on Change SIM card number.

PM is an online service so no you can call and you can contact a CS_Agent through creating a ticket on SIMon Chatbot below or private message on the envelope icon above.

Mayor / Maire


Try again, but use a browser in incognito or private mode instead.


Changing sim card number is more successful doing bon a computer or laptop instead of your mobile phone.

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