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New Points mehhhhh

Mayor / Maire

So the first contest is finally done, not sure if they are going to publicly post the winners since the draw was supposedly on Friday, but I see they have put a few new prizes up.


This time it is 2 (as opposed to 3 phones)...the Samsung S22s which I guess are more $$$ then iphone 13s and air pods....This is a 3 month contest not finishing until basically July, so it seems that you have about 4 chances a year to win anything. If I hadn't mentioned it before, please feel free to put the new points program into the microwave for infinity minutes at level 9....and then once that blows up and makes a mess of said microwave...reinstitute the old rewards program...Kthanksbyyyeeeeee


Mayor / Maire

lol maybe, I think it takes 5 days to check winners blah blah but pretty sure there won't be anything public about it, at least that is the vibe I got. I literally put in 2 points for 2 tickets with a few hours to spare for the hell of it. I am sure there were ppl dropping 25-50 or more lol into a contest with absolutely no transparency.

Mayor / Maire

@JL9  you forgot the check email or Community inbox, maybe you are the winner  🙂


You said the draw was on Friday? Maybe too many ballots for the draw, overloaded the system and caused the Autopay/renewal chaos that day? 🤔