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Network Connection Quality

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I have been a Public Mobile Customer for over 5 years. Over the last year or months at least I have noticed a decrease in the quality of the wireless Network Connection. Calls are not as clear and in basements especially get poor service of either no connection or even worse call quality. (with the primary basement of "topic" being one that previously have fair to good Public Mobile network connection). Has anyone else noticed a decrease in the quality of Public Mobile network connection? It is disapointing as most customers of Public Mobile primary seek a quality network or a fair price.


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I have reached out to the @CS_Agent team. Part of the issue is likely due to in progress system upgardes. There might of also been some changes there were able to implement on their end that have slightly improved the issue on my specific phone but the over connection issues still remain largely similar to before.


Other individuals in my family are still have much of the same or similar issues. Being a bit of a hassle to bridge or approach the matter that they do not have accounts on the community side of PM. Might need to consider approaching getting them accounts or finding work arrounds to be able to bring up their connection issues on their behalf.


Hopefully when the updgrades or finalized they don't result in a possible outage (like that Rogers' software outage a few months ago) and address the recent connection issues.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

The issues with the network is with voice, text and data (not just one or the other). I do get better and worse connection in different areas. With specific areas consistently being weaker.


And it is not just with my phone (iPhone Xs Max) but with friends and family phones as well that are range in makes and models including Motorola, Samsung and Ulefone. All with similar network decreases in similar areas. That are on the PM network.


It is disappointing PM is retiring connectivity before rolling out the switch or upgrade.


Somebody on the Bell network with a newer iPhone might have better connection. But might be that their directly with Bell. Not us much limits to the network utulization.

@danielj what kind of phone do you have?

do you get better voice when you are in different area?


as @dabr mentioned, VoLTE could be an answer to your situation but we are at least couple months from that.


Also, if you have a chance, check if any of your friends with Bell/Virgin/Lucky have the same issue.   PM shares the same network with them, I wonder if it is a Bell network issue in your area.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

@dabr the issues are consistent despite attempt to resolve the issues and it is not just me but several friends and family as well. It is disappointing.

Mayor / Maire

@danielj    I've seen quite a few other posts mentioning something similar to what you're experiencing.  It's possibly related to some upgrading Telus may be doing in your area related to the expected phasing out of 3G.  You could try changing your network settings to 3G/WCDMA temporarily. 


There has been some mention of PM eventually rolling out VoLTE, perhaps towards the end of September (or later) although nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet and, hopefully, that should resolve this kind of issue going forward.


Otherwise, I would submit a ticket to customer support and ask them why this is happening as it seems to have been occurring for a quite a while in your case.  I'm sure you don't need me to provide the links to support seeing as you're a long term customer with PM..  🙂


edit:  BTW, you have tried some of the usual workarounds of rebooting or trying a network reset?