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Need help activating with Public Mobile?

Retraité / Retired
Retraité / Retired

Hey Community,


If you have any questions or issues when activating an account with us, please reply to this topic with your question or issue, and our awesome Community members and moderators will be able to assist you.


Note: Please do not share any personal account information in your reply





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I'm activating a new SIM and my credit card didn't authorize (for some odd reason - it should be fine).


I get this message at the end :


"o complete your Public Mobile activation, please restart your activation by visiting and select a different credit/VISA debit card or payment method."



Ok,  however,  will I lose my ported in phone number if I restart the activation process???  I still can use the voucher method apparently,  but the phone number is extremely rare and I don't want to lose it. 


edit: the old virgin sim still has the number (whew),  I guess the port doesn't start until payment is done?


edit 2:  I restarted the activation process and it rejected a second good credit card??? 

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I did try that, it rejected my SIM

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

> "If your CC has been charged, simply send us the SIM card number in question and we'll look into it."



Hello Mary_M, How do we send you the SIM card number in question? The "Get Help" link redirects to this thread; I posted in this thread yesterday. I have been charged $120, but I can't login to my account, I don't have any service on my SIM, I can't register with my SIM again (it says it's not valid now), and I don't have any response from Public Mobile.

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Im trying to activate my account and simcard. Entered all necessary information but my payment information with Visa did not go through. Received error unable to process credit card request please call your credit card provider. Called TD Visa they told me I attempted 6 times  and they approved all information but there is a system issue with Public Mobile. Can someone please help me. 

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Hi I am trying to port my koodo number over but I am getting the following message when I click on check eligibility.  Can someone please help me.  Thanks


We are experiencing difficulties in processing this request. Please contact Public Mobile for additional assistance.

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Hello, just signed on to PM and ran into similar activation issue that others have had. Got verification email with wrong payment date, unable to access self-serve to fix it, and also talk and internet not working on phone. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hey there! 


I just registered for the 90 day/$120 plan using a number ported from Koodo Mobile. The payment has been approved but it still says "Sorry, your account activation request has failed. Please visit our online community"


All discussions have lead me to contact a moderator to help my request be processed.


Please let me know what you require (my number is 905-807-6612)!



@kry Your post has been moved to this thread. Jeremy is trying to aggregate all these issues here.



Couple things to try:


a) ensure any popup/ad blocker is turned off,

b) clearing your browser's cache, or with different browser,

c) click the "I am authourized" button before entering the number; be sure the name you enter is EXACTLY the same as that on the Koodo account



Also here's a list of items to watch when porting from Koodo:


- do not use the same email address for Koodo and Public Mobile

- do not request the port-in during activation; take a temporary number, log out, confirm all services are active, log back into your account and select Transfer Number under Change Phone Number

- do not use any identifier except your Koodo account number; it is the best item for any port-in request

- do not make any errors in the Authourized User; this must be exactly as it appears on your Koodo bill

- do not use your Koodo number as the Alternate Number; use someone else's

- do not forget to click "I am authourized ...." BEFORE you entering your Koodo number (courtesy imm1304)

- do not cancel your account; that will happen automatically

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.

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I have been encountering the same error "We are experiencing difficulties in processing this request. Please contact Public Mobile for additional assistance." I messaged one of the mods on Nov 1, got a reply Nov 2 saying it will take up to 48 hrs but it shouldn't take that long... and today has surpassed the 48hr mark. So at this rate it will take them almost a week to transfer my number since I'm guessing they don't work on weekends. Consider yourself to be lucky if your number ported 2-3 days!

@oyunyuno Definitely bad luck for you. Robot Frustrated


A moderator will be on site tomorrow.


"A new procedure has been introduced to tag or private message moderators: tag or message just one (Shazia, Saray, or Mary). Someone is managing distribution to whichever moderator is available. Coverage is currently: 


Mon-Thursday 9am(EST) to 9pm(EST) and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9am(EST) to 5:30pm(EST)"


Currently private messaging is best for issues related to new activation and service disruptions.

>>> ALERT: I am not a CSA. Je ne suis pas un Agent du soutien à la clientèle.