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My plan renew automatically without me authorizing it can I get a refund

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



I bought a sim card for my parents visiting from the US. I only bought a plan for one month and remove the renew or authorize my credit card. 


Would you be able to check and reverse the transaction please?


Kind regards


Mayor / Maire

Being pre-paid service, PM does not refund for bill paid.

If you were on autopay you had to turn it off and ask agent to remove your credit card from the file or just to declare phone lost/stolen which will suspend account and eventually delete it after 90 days.

Mayor / Maire

Are you saying that you had turned off the autopay before the plan renewed? You wouldn't have been able to remove the credit without support but turning off autopay should not let it renew.

Signing up a plan will automatically turn on autopay. You would have to purposefully turn it off.

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