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Moved by Oracle.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Why do Oracles always feel the need to move my posts into eachother all the time, I see it as the most pointless thing ever.. I just had two posts with two totally different posts called 'Forbidden A1' & 'Sign in issues' and the 'Sign in Issues' was moved and all the responses we're grouped with the 'Forbidden A1' from earlier, I'd have preferred for that to have been the other way around.. move the 'Forbidden A1' into the 'Sign in Isssues' thread.. 

If it's to take up less space on The Community, why does it turn into an Oracle post with the link to it anyway.. why didn't you just leave it, it's still taking up the same amount of space where you said moved: as when i had the whole post... now people have to click the Oracle post, than the link, than scroll through 25 responses to find what i had as a seprate thread.. why couldn't it have been two separate ones like I had it and wanted it?Screenshot_20230814_222342_Samsung Internet.jpgit's so frustrating because than no one wants to flip through 50 responses to find what I used to have as a post and easily visible. It's happening often where my newer and more relevant responses are grouped with my older similar ones and than no one sees the newer and more relevant info.

If I wanted to include my 'Sign in issues' as a comment on my 'Forbidden A1' post, I could have done so and commented it there myself, however I didn't for a reason because the newer post had more relevant info, now even i have a hard time finding my original 'Thread' post that was moved with all these responses. 

I'm not trying to fight with the Oracles, I'm just tired of unnecessary and inconvenient changes.. who can fix this and put it back to how I had it or group those threads the other way around?


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

I didn't Disrespect your Decision? I just read the whole post over again, and I don't see where you see that, all I'm seeing is someone who's looking for an explanation and understanding................ I mean i even said at the bottom of my post: I'm not trying to fight with the Oracles, I'm just tired of unnecessary and inconvenient changes.. 

I'd have preferred my older post was moved into the new one, both we're different and one was more relevant than the other.

I'm sorry that I thought The Community is for Questions, that's what I'm using it for and thought thats what Public made it for... 

If someone can answer my question and tell me why moving a new thread into an old one helps any, when it still takes up the same amount of space in the 'Get Support' Section when an Oracle changes it to one of their own Posts with a link to a comment with what I used to have there.. mine could have just stayed there and saved all the hoops, links, and scrolling through dozens of replies to find my original thread that was moved for from there for no reason, so my question wasn't answered.. at all... I was instead faced with your 'interpretation' and told to 'Respect your decision', which I didn't disrespect at all, i was looking for understanding and you just avoided my question and gave a personal response instead of the answer I posted in search of..

I can understand If you think both were related, but why was the newer and more revelent one tucked away with older and unseen one, instead of the other way around? If it would have been done that way and right fron the beginning with the old moved into the new, I wouldn't even have asked any of this in the first place. 

Once again: I'm not trying to fight with the Oracles, I'm just tired of unnecessary and inconvenient changes.. and I need some understanding which no one is providing.

I have made the decision that the both threads are about related content and would be best if they were merged. Please resepct the decision.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@Priority it shouldn't matter, it's not like your posts were removed.  As long as the messages got across, i think it's ok

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