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Missing referral credit since plan change

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I've been a customer since the Fall 2016 promo. I had 1 referral still with public mobile as of January or February 2023, I was still receiving my $1 monthly reward until then.

Then the person I referred and myself both switched our plans to one of the new promo plans public mobile had around 1 year back (likely scheduled change in Nov/Dec) and became active 90 days later. From this point on my referral reward has never been applied. Though it shows in my account, and the upcoming payment + HST is all correct when my credit card is charged it's always $1 + HST more than it's supposed to be.

I've opened my first ticket with support last March, and several different support members have attempted to resolve and raise secondary tickets for but the issue has still not been resolved.

I've now referred a second member, so have 2 referrals total and now I'm receiving a $1 credit on my bill.

During my most recent conversation with support, I'm being asked to provide the full phone numbers of the accounts I referred which I did. But now I'm also being asked to provide the *pins* to both accounts. Is that normal practice? Should the referrer really need to obtain the pin to the other person's account? The first account I referred belongs to my significant other so no big deal (though should I really need to do that anyway), but the second account does not belong to someone I would consider myself to be close enough with to be able to ask for their pin.

As I mentioned after my latest referral I did start receiving a $1 reward, so I'm convinced it's tied to my very first referral belonging to be significant other.

Any suggestions or escalation paths I can take considering this issue has been ongoing for around 9+ months?


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

You need to submit a ticket and should be able to fix it 


Unfortunately, customer service is hit and miss sometimes. Maybe screenshot your list of referred numbers to CSA.  That might help with your process.  

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I'm afraid not, they are asking for the pin of the other account. Believe me, I've had to verify my own account around 20 or 30 times since earlier this year when the issue started so I know that process. My number starts with 647 by the way.

>> Hello Craig! Thank you for your reply and for securing your account!   Can you please tell us what's the 4 digit PIN to secure the 1780XXXXXXX account? 🙂

I understand going through the normal support channel is what I should be doing. But again, this issue has been open with support since March and still not resolved.

They are telling me they don't see this account in my referral list, yet I see the numbers in the rewards section of my account on the public mobile website 🤣

Mayor / Maire

HI @ctrought 

they are only asking the PIN of the account you owned, the one that referred the new account, and not the PIN of the new activated one

and, since this is account issue, you really need to reply support agent and work with them.  Yes, asking for referral back is a long and trouble tasks.  I referred others, my friend got the $10 and I didn't get mine, so, many exchange of email and they ask different questions, which to me should be simpler

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