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Long Distance Charges for 289 Area code

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen



I live in Mississauga/GTA and i am trying to call a 289 area code but it is giving me a message that this is considered a long distance number before connecting to the call. Why is this considered long distance?

Area code 289 serves the area surrounding Toronto, Ontario, Canada including Hamilton. It is an overlay for area code 905 and serves the same area.



@iSilenT Callng a number in the same area code does not always make it a local call. Fortunately, any message telling you that there may be long distance charges can be ignored without any consequences for Public Mobile customers.


When making a call from Missisauga, there are many 905-type ( or 289 in this case) numbers that are long distance to call from that location.

Mayor / Maire

@iSilenT Enable Airplane mode, wait for a min, turn it off, and then add +1 in front of the number you call, including area code. The message won't sound anymore.

Mayor / Maire

@iSilenT Try dialing a 1 in front of the number. It shouldn't give you that message then. Stay safe.

Mayor / Maire

Try dialing 1 + area code + phone#.

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