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Is There A Way To Disable Voicemail Entirely?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I don't want a voicemail inbox. Is there a way to disable it? Thanks in advance for the answer...


Mayor / Maire

The voicemail system has an option called Extended Absence Greeting. Record something like you don't take messages here or whatever you want to say and then you (not the caller) press 5 or something to choose the option to not take messages.

There is no option to fully disable.

I personally don't like the other suggestion as it would give the caller a false sense of there being something wrong with your number.




YES and NO 

there used to be a way but rely on conditional forwarding, which seems to be broken for those without VOLTE.    Is VoLTE working for you?if yes try thi

To "disable" voicemail, dial: *004*8080000000# on your phone
Then all calls will ring forever or get a fast busy tone instead of forwarded to the voicemail.


To reset it back to defaults, dial ##004#

Mayor / Maire

@Johngotlit short answer no , but you could set up greeting say nothing and hit pound button. To except greeting be about it . That I’m aware of 

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