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I filed a complaint with CRTC and got almost $500.00 awarded from Cellphone company

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
PM didn't reply yet from my email two months ago when service was disconnected, as well as a private message quite a few weeks ago as well as posting here online on the community weeks ago. My phone is almost brand new and worked great with FIDO but now I can't hear people on the phone because the call quality is very bad and this is a high population area in my city near High rise Towers, malls and everything. Doesn't work well in other area's where FIDO worked great as well. I can't understand any voicemail messages either PERIOD! The last message I got today I can't hear much of anything just a voice for a 1/4 second once in a while. the scary part is that I think it's my own father calling on his new number but can't even be sure it was him. Can't even tell if I would recognize the voice because can't hear it. They (PM) are in complete violation to the regulations in providing reasonable solutions and assistance and working service. Not good at all and will have to switch over to another provider. Not that I want to but I can't do business at all, it's really, really bad quality. I will have to burn and destroy the 40 free sim cards I got from them so no one else will fall victim to the same issues I and others have/had. I was planning to sign up all our employee's on their company phones that the company pays for. But just doesn't seem to be going to work out. If they had resolved the issue and/or at least communicated and tried to fix it, then you could hope for a fix of somekind. My service still says I owe more than I should and doesn't show all the referal credits on the next due amount and missing all my referal credits over the past couple months and as well it's missing autopay credit as well. I switched to a 4GB plan last pay cycle and it still only gives my 3GB data. EVERY THING IS SCREWED UP! And no one will help or fix it. No phone number to call anyone etc. Last bill cycle I was charged more than my actual bill was and my service cut off. No one to help to get it working and still never had a reply from the email I sent them regarding it. someone from PM eventually saw my post on PM and fixed it. but totally unreliable service and If enough people file complaints with CRTC the regulators then they will get shut down. The last time I filed a complaint with the CRTC I got almost $500.00 awarded from the Cellphone company. If you have any problems please file with the regulators @ You could receive a big financial payment from PM. I will have to do it again with no choice of my own. Losing important business and business messages and personal as well.


@zip,   I read your  message several times and tried to understand your issues.  


Just a note, everyone is entitled to their opinions and on ways of getting a remedy for their situation and everyone has a unique situation. I hope you find success in your new provider should you decide to leave PM, but i would discourage you from promising huge financial rewards. Remember CCTS recommends first trying to resolve the issue with the provider (yes there is a current backlog, but it is no different then when a website crashes due to too many people trying to access it at the same time).Things will get back to normal and Hopefully PM will impment some changes to minimize overload in the future. 


Please don't say no one will fix it  issues, the moderators are working hard to address the large influx of new customers and porting issues(often caused by incomplete or wrong information).  In the last 20 days they had over 14,000  sim orders.   I am pretty sure not all of them are having issues.  

Currently there is a weekish delay in responding to messages, but they are getting to people, and I am sure they are trying to prioritise messages by urgency.  Messaging and tagging moderators repeatedly  and not providing needed information just adds to the backlog (not that you did that).  See this thread for contacting a moderator, if you have not seen it before.  Your account on the forums and self serve are  not linked so mods have more difficulty accessing your account from just a forum post.



PM is offering a different model of phone service (no kiosks, no live agents, and Internet only support) this lowers the service cost, which is likely why you came here in the first place back in July.  The approach is forum questions first and if that doesn't resolve the issue contact the Mods.   Seeing from past posts (yours included) it is effective, its just now they had an influx because Canadians want better mobile pricing.    I for one have not had any issues with Public Mobile reception as you mentioned.   Whenever I had an issue my private messages were answered  and so were my forum posts.


What area of Canada are you in (city and approximate area).  Your father what provider is he on? Where is he calling from?  Are all your voicemails the same?  Have you tried accessing them from a land line or different phone to see if it is your phone?


What phone are you using?  Does it support all the bands of PM/koodo/telus? I am pretty sure if this was a more common issue it would be mentioned on the forums.  could you have a wrong setting (2g instead of 3g or lte)



I will gladly take your 40 sim cards off your hands, I am sure others will as well.  Free sim cards how long have you had them for(May-June)? before the Canada post strike possibility?


Also I believe only 3 accounts can be tied to one credit card (read that somewhere in the forums)


As for your billing issues, there are known glitches in the system,  Sara_O did rectify the  problem you had last time.  


As for referrals, best is to track them and then message one of the mods with the the list, so the can manually adjust them, they did it for me and many others.


Out of curiosity,


If you are having such issues why would you "not want to switch"?   In one of your earlier posts you mentioned to people PM is closing down, but you are still here and so are they.   I am assuming your past issues resolved, why wouldn't your current  billing/referal issues not one be fixed?  I beleive everyone on PM wants the company to succeed because we have had enough with high mobile prices.









Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

All things considered, why would you try and use a no frills budget plan(s) for a business? No idea what kind of minimums they require, but from the sounds of it you need to be talking to Teluse/Bell/Rogers about setting up some kind of business/corporate plan.


P.S. Paragraphs would do wonders instead of that giant wall of text you posted.