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I am being charged 16.80 insted of 13.44 for my mobile plan

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I have two public mobile accounts for two different phones, both of which have the same plans, same rewards and ...


the only difference between the two is that I made one of them around a year after the made the first account(I'm being charged more for the one I made later). this isn't new and I was charged this amount from the beginning, I don't know if my rewards arent being processed or something, how do I get in contact with someone to get the charges fixed? does public mobile have a customer service I can call or email?


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$13.44 = 12.00 + tax

$16.80 = 15.00 + tax 


So, there is a $3 difference.  Check the transaction log ( )  to see if any rewards applied at all and how long it has been like that.  Was it just this month? or have been couple months?


It could either be that you have changed your reward system from old to the new Public Points as suggested by @JK8.  If that is the case, it is normal, you get 5% back instead of $2 Autopay discount and your friend referral in Public Points.  You will need to collect to 15 points before you can request for a $15 bill credit


Or that you manually put your phone in Lost/Stolen status earlier.  If that is the case, you have to open ticket with PM Support and they can fix it quickly for you



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Are you on the old $10 plan? Because it increased to $13 now.
You also probably got a $1 credit for a referral so it will be $13-$1x12%(taxes)=$13.44.

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When did you make your second account? If if was after January of this year you would have been on the points system and not entitled to the $2 off from autopay. If before January did you accidentally switch to the point system for that second account?