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How to contact public

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I recently signed up for public mobile. It came up with an error saying someone will contact me. I left my phone number and an alternative number. They called my alt number 2 days ago while I was busy. I called the number back and it was Telus. The customer service at telus wouldnt help me he just kept saying sorry I cant help you with Public. I asked to be transferred to someone who can help, since this is the number that called me. He just kept repeating sorry he cant. Anyways im trying to email/use support and I get errors over and over again. 


How can I contact public? Seems useless I cant recieve calls or confirmation texts to sign into my accounts


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you! Solved the problem.

Mayor / Maire

@Mountstephen   You can contact customer service by private message using this link to explain your problem 

An agent will reply at the envelope icon top right or tap your avatar for Messages if no envelope.

Are you porting in a number from a previous provider?  There is a phone number to call for problems with that and I will private message it to you, check your inbox in a few moments.

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