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Honor 8X no service after activation

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I bought a Public Mobile SIM card today and had it activated in a shop. I own a Honor 8X which I bought new in the UK. I've used it without any problems so far but for some reason the SIM card is not working. It does not seem to connect to any network at all. (see image) My British SIM card connects to networks without any problem.


Here's what I've already tried:

1) Manually put in the Public Mobile APN.

2) Switched SIM card slots since my phone has two of them: no change.

3) Hard reboot on my phone.

4) Tried the SIM in a Canadian phone - works.


An associated problem is that I cannot even set up my self starter account since I can't receive the activation code via text.


Can anyone help me out on one or both of these issues? 79602441_721687074990334_6104045578780409856_n.jpg



edited by computergeek541: photo removed from message posting because it contains personal information


@Aaron16  Thanks for the update. Information is power!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi guys,


Just a short update, I've bought a used Google Nexus 6P and it works perfectly fine. After taking out the second SIM out of my Honour 8x, I was able to get some coverage but only very rarely and quite poor. It does seem to be the case that the UK model of the 8x is not sufficiently compatible with the bands PM uses. Hope this is useful for future users!

Mayor / Maire

Public Mobile network frequencies (and bands):

2G: none

3G: 850 (5), 1900 (2)

4G: 850 (5), 1900 (2), 700 (12/13/17/29), 1700/2100 (4), 2600 (7)


Honor 8X compatibility on network (regional market variants):

JSN-L11/JSN-L21/JSN-L22 (Global): 3G (850 only), 4G (850 only)

JSN-L23 (USA): 3G (850/1900), 4G (850/1900 and 1700/2100 only)

JSN-L42 (Asia) and JSN-AL00/JSN-TL00 (China): 3G (850 only), 4G (850 only)


Honor spelling (regional language variants):

UK/England/Wales/Scotland/Ireland/Australia/Canada/Quebec/France/Europe/India/Africa/Asia: "Honour"

USA: "Honor"

Japan: politely undecided

Mayor / Maire

@Aaron16  that phone supports the following bands:


Bands 4G LTE B1 (2100)B3 (1800)B5 (850)B7 (2600)B8 (900)B20 (800)B34 (TDD 2100)B40 (TDD 2300)



B1 (2100)B5 (850)B8 (900)


It's missing B4 for LTE and B2 for 3G so not an ideal device.

@Aaron16 Customers should not be posting phone numbers here. As such, I removed one of the imgages from your messages. You do stil do need to delete that picture from your Community account. To do that, please slick on your Community avatar and go to My Profile, and then My Photos. From there, you can remove it.

Stay safe

@Aaron16cell phones work on several bands, a cellphone towers transmit in different bands simultaneously mainly for different scenarios. eg some bands works better through walls than others. You don't technically get less coverage (depending on where you are), with just one band your service will get interrupted more. That's why I would suggest walk to a higher density area, near a cell phone tower to test your phone.


It is the customer's responsibility to have equipment that works with the network per Terms of Service, since you mentioned the SIM card works on a Canadian phone, it is out of Public / Telus' hand.

Stay Safe!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

@Jb456 Wow, this seems to work! Very strange...

@GinYVRdoes this essentially mean that I will have less regular coverage?

@Aaron16  Along with @GinYVR observation you are also missing band 2 and 7 this will make it difficult to use on pm as you are experiencing.

Stay safe

Mayor / Maire

@Aaron16If you have put it in a Canadian phone and it works, then it is out of Public Mobile's hands. Looking at the specs from here It seems that your phone only supports the 3G 850Mhz band. That might explain your issue, I would suggest try goign to a higher population density area to see if it imrpoves your issue.

Mayor / Maire

Stay safe

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