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Esim not connecting to network

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Paid for 3 month subscription at 1 pm.  Since then, network reading as “SOS”,  Accepted request to transfer number from previous carrier.  Unable to verify service on my phone as not receiving any SMS or able to make outgoing calls.  Have lost my previous carrier SIM in the process of troubleshooting.  However, my new plan was based on an esim.  (Phone compatible, have used sims for travel).  FEel like I am stuck in limbo. 


Mayor / Maire

HI @risdonc 

If it is SOS problem, it is a sim card setup issue.  

Since you have a eSIM, did you install the eSIM profile with the given QR code?

Please start with reboot the phone and then Reset All networks

If that still unable to connect,  submit a ticket with CS agent at

After ticket is submitted, make sure to check your Community Inbox(top right corner envelope icon) periodically for response from PM

If you have problems submitting a ticket, you can open ticket by private message (but this can take longer):


Mayor / Maire

@risdonc  First try rebooting the phone and or reset network settings and see if that helps … if not support can help 

  • while your already here and logged in the community


  • you can send a private message   To CS_Agents by clicking >>>>>>>>here.


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