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Download all call history/logs with one click

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


I keep track of my call history. I see that you can go to Self Serve >  Plans and Add-ons > Usage History and see the usage history and call logs but it shows 15 rows at a time.


If I want to download the previous two months call/text data, I need to click through each page one by one and manually cut/paste to my spreadsheet which is tedious. Instead, I have set up a data-scraper extension in Chrome to automate the scraping of the data by having it run through all the pages one by one and copy the data. This is less tedious but it is still an unefficient way to do things. 


It also is probably taxing ot the Public Mobile servers unneccessarily with each of those calls to the database.


Does Public Mobile plan to ever offer the ability to click 'show me all of a given month's calls on one page' or 'download all calls from a certain date range to CSV'? Other carriers offer this (heck, most every customer-oriented business that has transactions like this offers this feature -- banks etc)





Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks for that answer. Yes, my expectations of Public Mobile are tempered. For the price I am very happy with the value.


If you strictly look at this particular issue from Public's point of view, it is likely the sort of thing wher adding this feature would actually 'cost' them less usage of their database server due to less requests to their user info database. I may be wrong on that but my guess is that one request for a larger data set is less taxing on the system then 80-100 requests as a user clicks through each page of info.



@GTB9 , while I agree with you that some service providers offer pretty convenient features to track account history.  You have to be mindful this is a budget operation that doesn't even have a call center.  I have advised many customers in the past to use the service as it is and not what you wish it to be. 


By the way there are apps that do what you want.  I am an android user and I use SMS back up and restore to manage SMS and call logs.